2013. január 31., csütörtök

Quick snack from the microwave

Embarrassing or not, I love to snack while watching some series. Okay, salad also falls into this category, but sometimes I just feel, that I need something sweet like cookies. And then comes my "microwave-wonder" into the picture.
 It's really simple and you only need a couple of minutes to bake it.Oh and of course it's yummy. ;)

Here comes my big secret ;)
4ts flour
3ts cocoa powder
2ts sugar
a half teaspoon of baking powder
1 egg
3ts milk
1ts oil
(ts = tablespoon)

Just mix the ingredients and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. And that's it.;)
(It's important, if you mix a double dose, don't double the time! It's better, if you check it a few times, otherwise in the middle it's gonna be burned and all black and disgusting, trust me!:D)

If I want to go hardcore, I usually add some chocolate to it as well. But you can add almost any kind of fruit, and it's really delicious with jam,too .;)

What do you guys make, if you need some quick snack?

It wasn't made by me, but I'll change it, as soon as I'll bake one. I just want you guys to see, how it looks:)

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  1. "Sacher-cake" in microwave :) very yummy, very chocolate, very jam... i bet you'd love it :D