2013. január 26., szombat

Friends around the world

Who has never wanted to make friends all over the world? Okay, maybe not everyone, but I've always loved being acquainted with people from other countries. Today,we have  many opportunities to do that, and I'm not just thinking about travelling...

The simplest and most obvious method is to travel, or if you move to another country for a shorter/longer  period, but unfortunately not everybody can do this. What can we do then?

If you live in a large city, then you can consider yourself as a lucky person. Exchange students come to every primary- or highschool  and students with erasmus come to universities / colleges. You just have to find them and be open :)

I was relatively lucky, because since I was in primary school, I almost didn't pass a year, without having a foreign teacher. I remember, they always came to practise to us, and they gave us a couple of lessons in English. I loved them, those were my favourites :)

Then I become an au pair, which I owe a lot of things, including good friends! I feel lucky, that  faith (and my host mum :D) brought them in my life, and that after a few days they had treated me, as if we were friends for years! They took me to parties in the area, we went shopping together...: D I'm really glad, that I've met these people :)

If this option doesn't work out, you can still turn to the Internet. I think there are many so called "Find friends pages" out there, but I'm only familiar with the one site called interpals.
At the beginning I was a little mistrustful, because after all we are talking about the Internet, a whole bunch of  fake profiles, blah blah. But I realized, that it's a lot of fun. It's not only about new friends, but also to practice the language, and others can even help you to learn new ones (and you can help others of course;). But hey, be careful, you can never know who is sitting at the other side of the screen, don't give any of your personal datas to anyone! I have only good experiences with interpals, I have 3 friends, who I'm  in daily contact with. Yeah right, I think I can call them friend, since we talk almost every day for a year now, and they know pretty much about me, and vice versa. We'll meet each other,one day, as soon as possible, I'm sure.:)

Obviously, there are also other possibilities,but  that's all, that came to my mind. Anyone else, who loves to meet people from different cultures so much and speak with them, or it's only me and my obsession?: D

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