2013. január 16., szerda

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

OMG! This is the only thing that comes to my mind. I've just watched the last episode of the 6th season, which was actually the last one from the whole series. I'm really sad that it has come to the end, because it was the Sex & The City of our generation.

I fell in love with GG already at the beginning, when nobody else has ever heard from it in my country. I love watching series in English, partly because the dubbed version sucks and without this language you can't do anything, so basicly it's just 2 in 1 for me:D After watching the first two seasons, I took a break and I didn't start watching the third one. Then I started it again a few times, and in november I became totally obsessed with it. :D Then I watched the whole series and now I'm really sad because it has come to the end.

We could already feel it at the beginning, that it would get awesome. New York (and Upper East Side), teen drama, shopping, gossip... of course. The actors grew up with us together during these 6 years and we could see, how the characters have changed. They show  us fashion, although many of us can't afford these clothes, but hey, daydreaming is always allowed.:D

Personaly, I didn't become obsessed because of the fashion, although it's obvious I wouldn't say no to those clothes and accessories.:D But I loved the characters much better. I loved that it was full of women who weren't afraid to use their power. It's enough to see Blair or Serena... Maybe they didn't achieve what they wanted in the good way, but they were there for each other all the time and helped, no matter what... This kind of friendship is rare, and a lot of people dream of it... I guess the producers knew that, too. My other favorite thing was what they said... funny, and smart at the same time, which is not common at all. Some sentences made me think, too. Of course, I won't make any decisions based on the series, but it is inspiring;) Ok, I have to stop now, I could write about it until the sun goes down...:D

I guess everybody knows that the series were based on the books 'Bad Girl' written by Cecily von Ziegesar. I love reading, and I've read the first 3 books, but I have to admit I loved the series much better. Ok, maybe partly because of the eye candy boys... I have a good imagination, but Chace Crawford looks really awesome:D

It was awful to hear thi sentence from Blair...:D

I don't want to hint any spoilers, that's why I won't say anything, but if somebody hasn't started or hasn't finished it yet, it's a must!!:D A very good chance for a relax time for girls. I hope there will be something similar or I'll go crazy. What's gonna happen to me without Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries? Ok, TVD is still on fortunately...

What's your favourite series? I love finding new ones, so if someone has something, pls tell!:) Would you like a post where I'll show you my favourites?:)

They are so beautifoul, love this picture...:)

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