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Repost- Small things

Hello! I've brought you some of my old post from the other blog. I wrote this during my 5 weeks in the Netherlands last summer. I was looking after a really cute autisctic boy. It was one of the best periods of my life. :)

I wrote to you a short list about my TOP10 memories quickly. I will always remember them.

1. When the little boy allows me to put my head on his shoulder, while watching something on the television. Usually he doesn't really like it, and doesn't let me do it, so I always feel very honored, if he does.

2. If my little cute kid notices,that my shirt doesn't cover my waist,  he doesn't stop, until he manages to cover it. Isn't that sweet?

3. During my 5 weeks here, the next thing happened only once! I got hugs and some little kisses, while we were kind of dancing. I thought I'would melt immediately. :) (This is something huge, because in his life he only gave kisses to like 5 people!)

4. The evening happiness: After he gets in his pyjamas, we always play a bit more. He is always completely happy and laughs a lot. I love it!

5. He is the only person, who is always happy when I sing! : D In fact, I'm not a Beyonce, but he's always smiling. :)

6. He's always able to eat half of my breakfast, even if he had the same thing a few minutes ago ... But he's looking at me with those puppy eyes, you know, so I just can't say no. Otherwise, it reminds me every time of my little sister, she also likes to use this method. :D

7. If he sees a snowman on the tv, he needs to make one asap! Blankets or pillows, doesn't really matter, he solves it somehow. It always has a cap and a nose, too. ...: D

isn't it creative? I hope you can see the snowman, too :D

8. I'll never forget one of our lunches! We had chips and meat, but he decided to only eat the chips. His mother didn't want to give him more french fries after he ate all of it, so maybe he will eat the meat probably, too. So what did this clever do? Just reached over and stole my last few fries! We thought, we would die from laughter. :D

9. I love to see when the two brothers play together! It's such a cute thing, when his brother tries to hug or kiss him,  or when they just simply play. I can always see, how his brother loves him, eventhough he's not an "avarage" kid.

10. The last thing on my list has something to do with the older boy. I don't need to look after him, and since last week, we haven't talked too much with each other (He doesn't really speak English, so I'm always really happy, when he tries to talk to me). Anyway, last week the parents weren't at home at night, so I needed to cut some fruits for him, while he was having a shower. When he came down to the kitchen and saw the strawberries on the counter, he looked at me and asked kinda touched, if I made it for him. When I told him yes, he had a big smile on his face while saying thans. I was again close to melting. : D

+1. Today's bonus: Nobody was at home today,so I thought I threw on a face mask, what can happen? When the little boy saw me, he was laughing so hard ... Ok, it's better than being terrified, but it was still kind of a critic...:D

Ok, I admit it, I look crazy...:D

Of course I have a dozen of other good memories, but I think these are the ones, which deserve to be in my TOP10. :)
Have a nice day everyone!

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