2013. január 15., kedd

Pink dreams

Hi girls, what comes to your mind if I say The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?
I've been recently in "Angel-fever", so I thought today I'm writing you a post about it ;)

Actually it's weird, because before December I've never watched any Victoria's Secret show. I've thought it's like the other fashion shows, it's not necessary to waste my time with it. But gosh, I was wrong. I've watched the latest one and and since then I can't stop. :) Unfortunately, I had only time for the last three, becuase  there was Christmas, then New Year and now I need to prepare for my exams... But as soon as I'm done with my exams, I'll watch all of them!:D

What I like the most about it, is the atmosphere of the whole event. Finally, I don't see every bones of the models, who are walking down the catwalk. At this stage everyone is smiling. And the models? Oh, God ... I've always loved boys, but even I wouldn't kick them out of my  bed.;) They're beautiful and really feminin.(Oh ok of course, but you know how I mean it:D). My new goal is to have a similar shape as them! Of course, it is not easy, but you have to find inspiration.;)

Now it's time for a little "Angel history":

The first show was held in August 1995 in New York (where else: D) at the Plaza Hotel. Since then, we get something special every year, except 2004, when there was no special fashion show. The 2004 show was cancelled. That year, instead of an annual fashion show, the Angels did an Angels Across America Tour, a huge campaign for the brand visiting four major cities: New York City, Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

And what is the secret of success of the brand? The attractively designed underwears or the supermodels who give their face & body to it? Yep, yep, the small group of elite angels are for sure involved. If I can only mention a few names, I would say, Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes, Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima or  the new Hungarian supermodel Palvin Barbi. Anyway, VS has a huge success not only in the US, but all around the world.

And finally, of course, you can see some pictures below:) Don't miss the video either, it is so cute, especially Miranda.:D What do you think about The Victoria's Secret FashionShow and about the brand itself? Do you adore it so much as I do?


She is my personal favourite, Candice Swanepoel


Chanel Iman

I guess everybody knows, who this beautiful lady is, Miranda Kerr :)

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