2013. június 10., hétfő

The end (soon)

I can't believe, that my four months here in Germany are almost gone & done, and I'll be home next weekend, to be exact, on next Sunday.

So close to the end I have a small contrast in me, in addiction to my experiences. If you think about it, four months are a lot of time, and I often felt, that the days and weeks are never going to end. But now, looking back it's so incredibly unbelievable, that it's already gone.

So how do I feel about my experiences? Well ...quite mixed. There are many good memories, and we had our touching moments with the kids, but I have never seen and experienced so much hissy fits anywhere. But what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, and you can put two and two together, and learn from everything. ;)

That's for sure, that I've improved in many areas of my life over the past few months. I'm more patient now, and now I don't feel like an alien in the kitchen. I also brushed up my German, which has been a bit neglected after graduation. And the best part: I visited Switzerland several times, which was a great experience, and I hope I'll be able to go back in the future, because there are some cities left there, which would worth a trip.

So I wouldn't call my stay here a waste of time in any way. That's true, that I did't make here a huge amount of new friends, but I definitely expanded again a little bit my horizons. :) Besides the bad things, of course, there were a bunch of enjoyable moments.

Moments, that I will always look back with pleasure:

♥ I think I will never forget the first time, when I took the children to kindergarten. As usual, we had breakfast, we were brushing our teeth, getting dressed, we had our "butyouneedyourcoatbecauseit'scoldoutside" fights and the we headed to the kindergarten. There we change their shoes, go to the grouproom. At this point we usually say goodbye at the door, I tell them, that I'll come and pick them up in the afternoon, and then I go home. But this morning, the little boy told me before leaving:   "wait, what about the kiss?" I thought I would melt. :D

♥ Since I live in this quite small town, which is surrounded by smaller forests, it's given, that you go hiking from time to time. That's what we did on the first warm weekend, too. It was an organized thing,  so we went with three other families and a tour guide. In the beginning it was a bit strange, because I didn't know anybody, but it seemed, that everybody knew me (advantages of a small place). Anyway, I smiled politely, so they aren't gonna think, how grumpy those Hungarians are. (They also tried to be funny: So, there on the right it is Rhine. Yep, I know whick river is that, but thanks...) After everyone got over the fact, that an "outsider"  is there, and not everyone was staring at me, it was quite nice. It was the first sunny day, so it was nice to go for a walk and the landscape itself was really nice, too as the Rhine twisted between the trees.  Our final destination was a look-out tower, where we ate some sausages and drank some mulled wine and tea. The tower itself was interesting, because it was actully the ruins of an old castle. It was really quiet and charming little place. After that, our route to home was a bit shorter, because who could walk with a full tummy? We still walked like 10 km-s that day, which is a nice distance with the kids.:)

it was beautiful

♥ The next one is not related to the children, or the family, but it's nice to think back to my day spent in Basel. Back then, when I got here, I looked around in some facebook groups to see, if I can find someone in the area, who wants to meet up, and I did. I wrote to a Hungarian girl, who looked nice and kind, I thought what could happen? So we sent a couple of mails back and forth for a while, and then and the one weekend I took a train to Switzerland. It was a good decision, as she was a little crazy like me, we had a great day! Although we got almost soaking wet in the rain, because we didn't have an umbrella, and we did some quite  foolish things, but it's ok. Our best story: On the top of a huge building it said with large pink letters: Tally Weijl. So, we thought, we would go and take a look at the clothes. Although, it was a little strange at first, that the door didn't open, but since people came out, we could go in. After that, it was interesting, that the shop was empty, but that didn't bother us. There was a lady behind a huge desk, who asked, if she can help us, but we just told her thank you, and continued our walk (of shame...) towards the back of the shop, thinking, that there are the clothes. But then came the cold shower: A guy in a suit asked us, if we came for the meeting. We looked at each other, and told him, that we only came for shopping. They told us that, unfortunately, they can't help with that here, because this is only the main office of Tally Weijl... Ooops! It was awkward, but we almost died from laughing. :D Pretty much the whole day passed so awesome, but it was great to relax and have a chit-chat with someone. (So I send a huge kiss to Lili ;)

♥ One Saturday afternoon I was training,  when the little girl, followed by her mum, rushed into my room, and  asked me, if I wanted to go with them the Technology Museum in Switzerland. They also gave me the homepage as well, to take a look at the site, and if I like it, they are ready to leave in about half an hour. I looked it up, and it seemed pretty interesting, so I told them of course I go. So I had a little challange going on there, as normally only having a shower takes me 15 minutes...:D But I made it in time, and it was a very good decision to say yes, that place is incredible, it's like you are in a sci-fi movie. The 99% of the exhibition is interactive, so it's also interesting for small kids, and you learn a lot more things here, than in a normal museum, where you look at things only behind the glass. At first I was although a bit worried, how it would turn out, as I was never a fan of physics related things, but as soon as we got there I was amazed by the whole place. We've been there for like five hours, but you can spend there a whole day, as there are a lot of things to try out. It's a huge building with a plenty of attractions. If you are in Switzerland, near Winterthur, you should definitely stop there and take a look at this place, it's worth it. It doesn't matter, if you don't speak German, because everything was written down in English and French, and if I remember well, then in Italian, too.

like in a movie right?

♥ The grandmother's birthday was also a very pleasant Saturday (Strange, but most of my beautiful memories happened on a weekend's program :D). I also went to the grandparents house a couple of times with the family, but not always, as it wasn't necessary, but just because it was a birthday, I felt it was the nice thing to do. Although in the beginning I was treated like ET by the guests (looks, she's not German), but never mind, I almost didn't notice. But they definitely get some bonus points from me. Why? The day or actually the night before was the night of the Eurovision Song Contest, so we all had fresh memories about it. Although, if you don't follow the festival, you don't know, but the Hungarian contestant, Bye Alex got from Germany the highest 12 points. Therefore, during eating the cake, we were listening to that song, and my heart was happy, that during a German birthday we are listening to a  Hungarian song. :) They even told me, that in the chorus of the song instead of the word kedvesem (which means my love or my dear) they hear "Bettwäsche" , which means  bed-clothes... I must admit that this is funny, but when they kept telling me this through the whole day...: D

♥ I didn't only have a wonderful girly day in Basel, but I also went there with the family, when we visited the zoo. There's not really too much to tell about, it was just simply a nice trip. :)

♥ Well, you need to know, that we have quite active days here, as the little girl likes to dance, and jump, or just anything moving related. One day, when the weather was gloomy, and we couldn't go out, she told me, that she wanted to dance. But not in the traditional ordinary way, because it would be boring, but she has a DVD with children songs on it, and they also show a dance to it. Well, the lyrics were pretty stupid, but we laughed a lot during the dancing. I laugh, even if I imagine, how silly I should've looked, while I was singing and jumping like a bunny or flying as an aeroplane...:D

♥ And of course I should mention the afternoon, whe we decided to paint our faces, and I've already posted a picture about that on the Facebook page of the blog. The little boy went to bed not long after his face was finished, and he was sleeping with clouds and rainbows on his face, he was so cute. :) With the little girl we had some arguments, because after searching 20 minutes on the internet for a butterfly she likes, we finally started to draw it, and then she found out, that she wanted the cat from their face painting book. After a few deep breaths I told her ok,  then go and wash it off, but then she will be a kitten, no matter what. :D After the materpieces were done, we had them an the whole afternoon, we even talked with my friend on skype, and I'm sure we made her day. :D

grr, we were beautiful :D

To sum up, along the good memories the huge tantrums over nothing each week are also immediately coming to my mind. I don't say, that I've regret, that I came here, because that's not the case, but for a longer period they wouldn't be the perfect family for me, that's for sure. They're cute, but we don't fit together. First of all, because this town is too small for me, and I feel like I'm in a cage, because I can't really go anywhere. On the other hand, it's getting more and more difficult, to tolerate children, who are always crying over little nonsense things every day. The parents then say, oh you shouldn't do this, and then it's done. Well, yep because I'm the one, who is with them, most of the time. But anyway, I want to keep this post positive, and I really don't mind being here, but I'm glad, that I'll be home next weekend again with my lovely friends and family! And a new chapter of my life will begin in the end of August in London, and I'm really looking forward to it. :)

Have a nice day everyone! :)

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