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Personal tag

Today I'm back with another tag, because it seemed, that you liked the previous one as well, and I also like to read such things, because I'm just a little stalker. And, because it's something a bit personal, you can get to know me a little bit more. :)

1. Do you have a favorite series?
Oh, of yourse I do! I am a pretty big series junkie, so I always have current favorites, but these two are the absolute eternal favourites: The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. Right now, I just suffer anyway, because both of them are on a break, The Vampire Diaries will only return in October. Uh, what will happen to me without Ian Somerhalder?? But the good thing is, that Pretty Little Liars is back soon, so yeey. If you don't know any of them above, go and check them, they worth the hype.

Could you resist? I couldn't... :D

2. Three places, you wanna visit?
It's not easy, but I still stay with New York, Sydney can't be left out, and the third one is St. Barts. But travelling is one of my passions, so I want to visit a lot more cities and countries, I hope I will get the chance later on in my life. Although I'm not complaining, I had the opportunity, to visit a couple of great places in my life so far, but I guess, my relation to travelling is like other people's to tattoos. Once you start, you can't stop ...

3. Which is the furthest place, where you have already been?
Canada. Someday I would like to go back,to look around and explore the country, because what I saw there was truly amazing. I've been around Quebec, but I would like to go back to Montreal, to finally see more than the airport, or perhaps Toronto or Vancouver. Well, the plans exists, I just need to achieve the financial background for it. :D

4. Do you do any type of sports?
When I was younger,  I had been dancing for 9 years and I also went to competitions. I loved it, because I was quite a little tomboy, so this way I could use up all my excess energies. Lately, I haven't  been that active, unfortunately I tend to be a little bit lazy, but I try to add some smaller workouts to my everyday routine again.:) (Although, if I think about it, kids are definitely helping with it, because I have to run around with them a lot, or carry them on my back and eben jumping in the trampoline...).

mini Szandra

chocolate in my hands... and what am I doing with my pinky finger?:D

5. Do you play any instruments?
Unfortunately I don't,, but I really want to learn to play the piano. The only song I can actually play is a Hungarian song for kids about a cow... Here in Germany, the family actually owns a piano, and I should always play and sing this song to the kids, it's really impressive, I know.:D

6. Favorite flower?
I'm not a big flower fan, so I don't really have a favorite, but I like tulips, roses and gladioli.

7. My favorite lucky number?
My favorite is 8. I don't really know why, because there's no particular experience or story behind it, it is just simply my favorite. :)

8. Skirt or pants?
Pants. I love skirts, too, especially, if I'm going to a party, but if you peak int my closet, you will find mostly pants there.

9. Favorite perfume?
A recent favorite is the Body from Burberry. Unfortunately I don't own it at this moment, but ever since I got a sample of it, I'm in love. I really like the scent, and it fits well, so I hope I can get my hands on it soon.  

10. Do you have a favorite brand?
I don't have any special favorites, but if I'm going on my hours long shoppingtour, I always have a few shops, where I look first, for example H&M or Tally Weijl.
Otherwise, I'm looking forward to get in London, so I can explore all the new shops, and I will be able to finally go to Topshop, Primark ot Boots. My poor wallet...:D (Any recommendation, where to shop in London?)

11. High heels or flat shoes?
It used to be high heels, and I still love them, but most of the times I wear flats, because obviously in 10 inch heels it would be difficult to run after the kids...

12. Do you drink energy drinks?
In general I don't, if I want to wake up, then I reach for coffee or green tea, but coffee doesn't really affect me. :D

13. Do you have any tattoos?
No, but I'm planning to get one. I've always liked the tattoos, which have a story behind them, and they are really meaningful to the person. I want to do the same, I just have a small dilemma. I can not decide, where do I wanna have it, on my fingers or on the wrist. But as soon as I can figure it out, I'll go to the salon, I think...:D

14. Your favorite day of the year?
There's no favorite day for me, but I love the holidays, like Christmas or my birthday.

15. What was your sign in the kindergarten?
It was a pinetree, but sometimes I used to call it Christmas tree, I guess because it's fancier. :D

16. Do you drink coffee?
It's strange, because nowadays I drink coffee at home, but when we go out somewhere with the girls, it's for sure, that I'll end up ordering a hot chocolate (or an iced one, depending on the weather), it is much more delicious. Although, I fall for sweet things, so this is not that surprising.

17. Winter or summer?
Can I choose both? Both can not be? I was born in winter, so it's almost obvious, that I like it... I love snow, when I look out of my window, and I see the white landscape. Of ourse, I hate the mud afterwards. The reason, why I like summer is, because my mind it's connected with the meaning of freedom and with my childhood eperiences at lake Balaton (the biggest lake of Hungary). And every time I think of this season, I swear, I can smell a typical summer scent, but I don't really know, how to describe it, I just hope you understand, what I mean. Actually, I love all the seasons, but when I get bored with the weather, it's good to have a little change. :)

18. Have you ever had a near-death experience?
Fortunately no, but I think I once saw a ghost... Don't laugh.:D So I was laying in my bed at night, when (I guess) I saw a light female figure flying across my room. The fleshlights of the cars can't get to my room, especially not in a sort of female-shaped form, so I couldn't find any other explanation. Anyway, I was so scared, that I was under my blanket the whole night (because it also protects you from the monsters, living under your bed, right?:D), and fell asleep there.

19. How many children would you like to have?
Two, maybe three, but not more. I love kids, and I'll especially love mine, but somewhere I must draw the line. :)

20. Have you thought about their names?
For now, I'm not planning to get kids, so I clearly wasn't thinking about their name either.:)

So, that's it, I hope you liked it. If you want, you can fill it out, too, even in the comments section as well, it's always fun to spy on others opinions. If you have any questions or request, you can find me on Facebook, or via email.
Have a nice day everyone! =)

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