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Childfriendly hairstyles

Let me give you some of my little hair style beauty tips, even though I'm not a beauty blogger,because this is in connection with my life and work as an au pair. :) In fact, lately I've been experimenting with my hair, (because it's fun to do ;) but unfortunately not all of the styles are childrensafe.. :D

In the past and nowadays, too, I like to wear my hair down, especially now that it has grown kinda long. I can curl or straighten it, have loose waves, whatever I want, but on a daily basis, when I'm with the kids, it's not so practical. First of all, because when I'm running around with the little ones, I hate it, when it's all over my face and I can't see anything (and considering the fact, that I'm pretty clumsy, you can imagine, that it doesn't help at all:D). The other reason is, that when the kids see, that I wear my hair down, it reminds them, that "hey look how nice long it is, let's play hairdresser". That's so not my favorite... Not so long ago, after dinner I was sitting on a chair for half an hour, while the kids were brushing my hair, and after that they pined in some clips to add more to the style. When they finally finished torturing me, they told me, that now you are pretty. Oh yep, I was stunning :D

After I realised,  that it's not worth it to let my hair "swing free", I was wondering, what should I do with it, if I don't always want to wear it in a simple ponytail. Then of course I realized, that there are many, many alternatives besides a simple ponytail :)

No, I don't think of the kindergarten version, when we had the little ponytails on the top of our head...:D I'm usually adding an "Indian twist" to it, and  wear it at the bottom, or secure it at the line of my ears, when I'm going for a loose look. Of course, it has still a girly charm after all, but it didn't look like I've just got out of the kindergarten. :)

I couldn't find anything on the internet, that was close to the style, what I'm speaking about,  so here is my older  Pocahontas picture for you :D

2. Buns:
Lately I'm quite addicted with buns, because  they are simple and can be variated in many ways. My favorite one is probably the sockbun, aslo know as the one with the donuts.:) I have to admit, I do mine with socks, because I always forget to buy donuts, and if I remember I only see the light version in the shops, and for my almost black hair it's not the best choice (and with the sock I can curl, too in the same time:D). Like everything, we can find tutorials about it on youtube, too for example here or here. I like the first version better, but if you have short hair, then in my opinion the second one will be easier for you. (Btw. I think I will change the google is your best friend, to youtube is your best friend. This statement is more true, when it comes to me...:D). Maybe at first it seems a little bit complicated, I still remember how clumsy I was, but once you get the hang of it, it goes really easy and fast:) Of course there are a lot of buntyles, the list is almost endless.:) You just type "bun tutorial" in youtube, and thadaa, you can choose now from many many fun videos.:)

This is another big favorite. I just make a ponytail, and start to twist my hair, until it goes in the shape of a bun. Then I grab an elastic and some bobby pins and it's done.:) 


3. Lazyday style:
I also have my lazy days, when I don't even wanna spend a moment with my hair, because I'm tired, oh I fell a sleep, gosh I need to hurry and take the kids to the kindergarten, etc, etc. In this case, the simple ponytail is good enough for me, too. Sometimes I add some extra to it, by securing it on the side, and not on the top or at the bottom of my head as usual. Another energy saving tip of mine is also an old trick: Make a simple ponytail, seperate your hair into two parts over the elastic, and pull your tail over the hole.Voila simple, but a little different.:) And of course we can use the good old braiding any time.:) Making a braided hairstyle takes approx. 2 minutes and then we are good to go. :)

just pull the sides of the braid to get a looser look :)

simple & pretty

a cute side ponytail :)

Just flip your tail and you are good to go ;) (sorry about the quote on it...)

I hope that you liked my mini beauty-style post, too.:)

Have a nice day!

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Admit it, we all have those days...:D

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