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Wanderlust tag

As I was browsing on youtube (because what else would I do with my freetime?) I saw this tag, and I knew  immediately, that I should do the post version of it, so here we go.:) You can watch the original video here. So let's get to the questions. ;)

1. What is your most treasured passport stamp?
Unfortunately, I haven't got a simple stamp in my new passport. Actually, I didn't have too much in my old one either, but I always look forward really excited to get one... They are always like little mini trophies to me somehow. Do they mean the same to you as well, or I'm the only one who is a little crazy?:D Last year I was hoping, that at least in Canada I will get one, but nope, I was wrong, my passport is still empty.  Otherwise my most memorable and treasured trip was in Canada, even if I could spend only a couple of days there. Well, maybe one day I'll have the opportunity again, to go back. :)

Over Montreal

2. Can you recite your passport number from memory?
Nope. Embarrassing or not, but I don't even know the number of my ID. I'm just terrible when it comes to numbers (which explains my horrible affair with the math ...). I only use my passport like once a year, so poor little thing had no chance of being stuck in my head.

3. What is your preferred method of travel?
Flying. Unfortunately, I haven't had too much opportunities to fly yet, but that little experience was enough for me, to fall in love with the feeling. I love the way the plane flies through the clouds. It is somehow comforting for me, to look out of the window and see only the big blueness with some white spots. And maybe it's just me, but I always have a funny feeling, when the plane takes off / lands, and I need to cuckle (but of course I try to keep it quiet, so no one will think I'm stupid...:D). I have had longer trips by bus, too, first to London, then to Venice for the carnival, and then to Germany, too ... uh, well, that's not exactly the best option to travel. For the first time and at the beginning it was kinda fun, but after a while it gets uncomfortable, and you don't have enough plave to move. I  don't have any problem with travelling by car, but flying is faster, and usually it's cheaper, too nowadays. So I just can't wait to fly to London in September.

I loved every single moment of it <3

4. TOP3 travel items?
Hmm, it's a tough one. My phone, my camera, and maybe my little stuffed dog. :D My phone is important, just in case anything goes wrong or I get lost, so I'll be able to call for some help. My camera is necessary, so I can capture every moment, because I'm obsessed with taking pictures. I'm trying to make only like 500 pictures instead of a thousand at a time, but I'm not really sucessful with it..:D And the third thing is... - don't laugh :P - is my stuffed dog. Somehow, I always feel more comfortable, when I have something important and meaningful from home with me. Therefore, I always take my very first toy with me, which is Csipet, my stuffed dog.:) He was with me in Canada, London, Greece, and at a bunch of more places, he's a globe-trotter.  First I wanted to answer my suitcase, but then I felt like it would be cheating...:D

So, he is my little favourite :)

5. Hostel or hotel?
To be honest,  I was only once in a hostel in my whole so far, and I was there only for a couple of hours, so here I need to vote for the hotel. But I don't need anything fancy, really, it only needs to be clean. For example, when I was in London, then we stayed in some lived and loved converted mobile homes, it was awesome. And I really like apartments. They are practical and it feels a bit like being home in your own house.

6. Are you a repeat visitor or you like to explore new places?
Actually, it depends on the place. There are some cities and countries, which I would really like to rediscover, like London or Corsica. I will return to London this fall, actually now for a year, and I'll surely go back to the little French island, too, when I'll have the chance, that's for sure. However, due to my nature I'm quite the adventurer type, and I like to discover new places as well.

7. Do you read up on your destination before you go?
When I'm going somewhere abroad, then I'll do it for sure, but when I'm travelling within the country (Hungary), then I do it really rarely. To be honest, I should admit, that I don't really count our neighbors as a foreign country, probably because I was living in the city of Győr, which is situated on the border. I love checking out things, because then I'll know, what to see, once when I get there, and I can always learn some new things and facts as well at the same time.

8. Leaving tomorrow, money isn't an option, where do you go?
I managed to narrow it down for three cities. Sydney, New York or Florida. Who could resist these places? One day I would really like to do a big tour in the USA, because there are a lot of cool cities I want to explore, for example LA, Chicago or Washington.

So that's everything for today, I hope you have a wonderful day!
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I hope so

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