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Say yes!

This topic is close to my heart, because when I look back at myself a few years ago, I can see that I have really improved a lot in this area. I have learned to use my chances and try to open up to new things, because you can only learn from them.

Two years ago, I couldn't even imagine myself living abroad.Why? Because I was born in Hungary, this is the country where my family and my friends are, and I could just say more than a thousand reasons why I would never move to another country. Of course I had ideas about seeing more of this world, but I was like I'll be fine with travelling, that will be enough for me. And there was the matter of independence. Then I've just shook  my  head, and told myself, that I would go to college in another city, and I would be independent.

Then one day I said to myself ok, let's start something with your life. I'm going abroad for the summer, and let's see what happens. Besides, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, right? That's how I found the au pair community, and now I have the opportunity, to spend an entire year in London. All of this change has occurred in about one and a half year. And why? Because I said yes to something new, to see what happens.

Of course,  we can replace it with a simple example. It's just the same as when we reject eating a food, which we've never tasted before, just because it seems awful. I'm a queen when it comes to this, I don't eat too many things. But I also try to keep pushing myself in this area, too, and this way it turned out, that I actually love  shrimp. : D

This post is also for the ones, who are very shy. Long ago I was really shy, too, back in elementary school, but  since then I'm trying to strengthen myself and I should say, it's definitely working.:) Of course this doesn't happend in my room behind closed doors. I needed to get off my little butt and do what it takes. I organized programs and tried to get to know new peoples, try always something new. Of course, I was waiting for a while, and I was hoping, that some kind of magic will happen, but nope...:D

Cause magic happens outside of  your comfort zone :D

I actually just want to point it out (based on my own examples), that sometimes you may want to leave yor little shell and cross the line of your comfortzone, because you can find truly nice things at the other side of that imaginary circle. If you don't like what you see out there, you don't have to keep on doing it, but at least you tried something new. Whether it's a new hobby or some new dishes, it doesn't matter. After all, we have only one life (yes, we should just mention yolo, because it's so cool nowadays anyway ...: D), so try to take advantage of it. We get only one of it, there are no second chances here. It's better to try something out, and then say it's not for us, then thinking a lifetime about "what-if-s". It's familiar to everyone, isn't it? All of us have those stories: What would've happened, if I had gone to that party or I had gone to that little trip with the girls?...Just realize, that things are not just black or white, but there are all the shades of the rainbow :)

Is there something, that you want to do since ages? So let's do it, what's holding you back? This blog was my little secret dream, but I was struggling. First of all, because I give my name to it, I can become a target. We all know those "nice" people on the internet, who comment on every blog without a name, and they are not really kind. They just tell bloggers, that they are not right, why are they even writing? But anyway I really wanted it to make work, so I've started it a couple of months ago. And I'm glad I did. It feels  really good to see, how the number of the page visits grow day by day, or when I see, that one more person signed up. So I would like to thank everyone, who reads my post, and my firts (baby)steps, as a blogger. :)

Otherwise, there's a new project coming, so a couple members of the youtuber community started to make videos about this topic. That's why I've thought, I also grab my pen, and add my own thoughts to this topic. If there's only one person, who will think about it, then this post already achieved something.:)

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Have a nice day everyone! =)
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Just step by step, day by day :)

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