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"The big hunting"

Ok, so probably, when you look at the title you are like whaaat? But please, don't get it wrong. It only means, that I've started to look for my new hostfamily. Those who read my previous posts already know, that currently I'm working in Germany as an au pair. However, in mid-June I'll be done here, and then I want to move to my next hostfamily. So my little "hunt" has began, and it's not that easy, as I thought it would be. :D
The first "problem", that I needed to face was the question of the city. I was quite sure for a long time, that the city of my dreams is Amsterdam. It's a huge city, I like the mentality of Dutch people, there are a lot of au pairs, and so I can meet my great Dutch friends (from last summer) as well. Then, as time went on, I've started to think more and more about London. Although British people weren't my favourite at the beggining,  I'm starting to realize that not everyone is so grumpy there, how I thought. :) Besides, I was already in London, when I was 14, and I was fascinated by the diversity there. So now I'm pretty much in a dilemma, but I think my final decision will depend on my future host family. :) Actually, if I found a nice family in another amazing city, I wouldn't say no, but nowadays these 2 cities are on my mind constantly. :)

if I would find a family in Paris, probably I won't say no. to that..:D
I've always thought that ooh, it's so easy to find a family for a year, I speak two languages, I like to be around children, what could be so difficult about that. Then, as I started to read the profiles of families, certainly realized, that it is much more complicated than I  imagined it. At some families the problem is, that there are too many small children to take care of ... don't get me wrong, I love them, but at the same time I don't want to take responsibility for four children on a daily basis. At other families, the problem is, that they are really nice, but they're living in a small town, or just looking with a start at the end of May/ July, and I'm not really available at that time, as I'm in Germany till the middle of June. However, the most shocking fact of all is, that some families have really interestin expectations of what to do ... I think my fingers on both of my hands wouldn't be enough to count, how many families did I saw, who only offerend 1 free day per week... what?? One day a week, are you kidding? I'm not saying that I'm waiting to have like 4 lazy days a week, but I think, that two free days per week are the minimum. Maybe I'm the only one, who thinks about that as a problem, but I couldn't do it a year long, because I also want to enjoy my year at the other country.:)

this can be my problem...:D

I would look something like that after a couple of days, if I needed to take care of  4 kids...:D

Once you have found a family, with whom you could imagine your next year, the next step is (a bit like at the beggining of a relationship...:D), to send a message. Ok, there is a template message, that you can send , but I personally like to write a couple of sentences about myself, and why I would be a good match, so they can see, that I really took the time, to read their profile etc. Actually I think that most families appreciate it. And after that comes waiting for the answer. I'm always like: "Oh my God, what's now?, will they reply, what takes so long? do they like my profile...blahblahblah"... When I'm waiting for an answer , I'm always getting  excited as little kids at christmas... If I see a positive reply in my small virtual mailbox ... oh that's like pure joy:. D. Of course, this doesn't mean anything in the first round, it only means, that they can imagine me as their future au pair. Usually after that comes a long conversation, which is followed by a skype talk most of the times. It is a quite a long procedure, but I really hope, that at the end I'll be able to find a nice family, to spend my next year with.

Ok, actually it's nothing really bad, I'm just excited and looking forward to something good :) So please keep your fingers crossed for me! :) Anyway, what do you think about the topic itself, and about this whole family searching thing? I'm really curious and eager to accept the experience of others. :)
Have a nice day everyone!

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