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3. week - Germany

The first and most important thing: I know, I haven't written a post since ages. One of the reasons is, that I had been sick for a week and I'm still not perfectly fine, but let's hope for the best. The other reason is, that  most of the times, at the end of the day I'm so so tired because of the kids, that I just sit and look out of my head like a zombie, or I just simply have a  bubblebath to relax. : D But enough of the complaints I made, I try to summarize my first 3 weeks here. I can't believe sometimes it's like the time just flies. (Although, it's quite often crawling like a snail ..: D)
Actually, my first week was about trying to get used to how things work here, what and how they are doing, and what the kids like and what not. Nothing special. And I tried to get used to German eating habits. Oh I already miss the Hungarian foods. I have no problem with the breakfast and dinner, I get along with them  perfectly: brown bread, homemade jam, all kinds of cream cheese (actually every kinf of cheese..:D), honey and nutella, of course. So I have no problem with them.

hmm, homemade jam :) yummy

But lunch ... oh God! As long as we eat something fast food(ish) , there is no problem. Like chips, meatballs, pizza. (But I would add, that the sausages here are gluten free, so it's definitely healthier.: D) Anyway, the problem comes when something like soup gets on the table. So usually I eat it with a smile on my face, cause I don't wanna be a jerk and say, that this is way to much for my little Hungaran stomach. For example, they eat tomato soup (or something like that) with a lots of vegetables (any you can think of...- onions, zucchini, potatoes...) and pasta in it, which is really weird for me, and it's a bit sour, too, not as sweet as in Hungary.   It tastes terrible for me. But with the other stuffs I'm pretty much ok.: D My favorite is fondue (raclett- I guess that's the English name). It's official now: D I've only tasted the chocolate version  with fruit before, but as it turned out, this is quite typical and popular here with cheese, which I don't mind. The whole thing looks like you throw everythink in a tiny pan, kinda anything you want (for example, corn, ham, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, really what you want), then add a slice of cheese at the top, then you put it in the minioven thing, and wait until the cheese melts. God, we ate it with baked potatoes, it was soooo delicious. It was freaking amazing, I hope we'll have it often, because it really tastes good :) Next time I'll take some pictures for you, guys. ;)

Well, when it comes to the family, I have ambivalent feelings. I love my hostmom, she's always totally cool :) The dad is a bit different, I just don't know, what to think about him. Sometimes, he's just totally silent, and says nothin like all day long, but at other times he smiles and makes jokes about everything, but basically there's nothing wrong with him I guess.:) Ok, and finally the kids. I'm not saying, that  I don't like them,  because we have some very cute moments together.. But 60-70% of the cases, they are so hysterical that it's sometimes difficult to get it, why???.When it comes to behavior, they are terribly spoiled, because the parents often prefer to leave things to them, because it's easier I guess.There are a lot of things, which are very unusual and weird for me. One critical thing  is the diaper issue. The little boy is 3 years old, and he still wears diapers, but we try to quit it. So I always tell him in the afternoon, that he should tell me, when he needs to pee, so we can go to the toilet. Ok, that we don't always succeed, it's not a problem, but...it already happend twice, that he started to pee, when we were sitting at the table and having our meals. Well wtf?? I'm not saying that the world would collapse if he pees in his trousers once or twice, but at the table where we eat? Oh, nooooo. The other thing is about the little girl. She is 5 years old, sometimes she can get diapers, too. For example now, that she was ill, so she doesn't need to get out of bed, and go to the toilet. Oh gosh, no, she can do it...  And sometimes she even gets it in the evening,  the last time I asked, she got it, because she said, she had too much to drink.... And the parents said, ok, she can have it tonight.I don't get it, next year, she will go to school... Anyway, when I look around here, I see, that other kids are the same.. I don't get the parents here, but anyway I can't really do anything.

Even a little bit of the place, and then finish it because it was so long to post. :) The city Laufenburg is simply beautiful. One week after an illness I got up, and went on a long walk at the weekend. I was walking up and down in the city for like 2-3 hours by the river and on different paths. This is a perfect place to relax, or if you just want to clean your mind.  My morning routine now is, that I take the little ones to the kindergarten and then I take a walk by the river, sit on the bench for a while, and listen to music while staring at the river.
But anyway, let's see the pictures ;)

Have a good night everyone :)
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the Swiss side of the city

the water is really clear

the magic bridge, which takes me to Switzerland :)

random waterfall :)

one city, two countries

stairs everywhere... just to keep me fitt :D

my favourite bridge <3

aaaand this is my new favourite tea, it's so so good, everybody should try it! :)

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