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My favorite series - February

I'm a huge junkie when it comes to series, everybody knows that about me. If the weather is bad, after lunch to relax or at nights I watch some new episodes, because hey, why not? :) Sooooo, I decided to share my favorites with you guys in every, or every two months (as my time allows).

1. Gossip Girl

This has been the eternal classic. Who doesn't know the evil gossip blogger of Upper East Side? I'm so sorry that it's over, it was the Sex & the city of our generation. Blair and Serena have found a  way to my heart over the past few years, so the only question that remains is, what am I going to watch now?: D: D Besides joking, if anyone has not seen it yet, get  it now! Hot guys, cute girls, designer clothes, bags and shoes, what else do we need? : D

2. The Vampire Diaries

My all time favorite. I just love it! Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, my gosh... That guy is a dream and his girlfriend is a real beauty, they make such a nice couple. And hey, vampires are in lately.:P They are super sexy, strong,immortal and usually they got a lot of money over the years. And it's spiced up with a good amount of mystery, that surrounds them, what more could we wish for?: D What I particularly like about this series is, that the story isn't a typical basic one. Ok, of course, there's also a love story (what else then?), which is full of complications, but there's always something unexpected. For example, a doppelganger, then Klaus and his family history, Elena's parents, transformations, witches ... The list is endless. It's a thousand times better than Twilight, for me at least. For those who haven't seen this series yet, start downloading!: D It's a must!
Oh, and it looks like there will be a special series called The Originals, so we don't stay without TVD even after it ends. Hmm, not bad, not bad, guys!

3. Pretty Little Liars

I'm a big fan already from the beginning, I just love it! I think the theme is quite unique, at least I've never seen anything similar (sorry, if there is, and then send me the title pls: D). I like it because it's kinda shocking, and I can never know, what happens next. But the picture is a bit more clear with each episode. We are speaking about a well-organized series. Last but not least, this also gives something to the fashionistas ;) We can find from the four characters, who is close to us, I'm sure about that. I confess Aria and Hanna are my favorites. And who is A? I have no idea ... I had a couple of solutions in my mind, but half of them had already failed ... : D

I love the outfit of Mona (on the right)

4. Victorious

Just to be clear, I don't say this is the best series of the year! I think it was released on Nickelodeon maybe, I don't know, I watch it online. Actually, I always watch it, when I need something "light", so I don't need to think about anything. I like the most the singing and dancing scenes, the cast is really good. Just take a look at Ariana Grande's videos on youtube... Gosh, that girl can really sing! So if you are looking for something easy, this is the perfect choice! :)

5. Beauty and the Beast

I've recently discovered this little fairy tale, but since then I kinda like it. In fact, the main story is not hard to figure out, the title has it all.: D So yes, this is about the Beauty and the Beast, just wrapped in a modern coat. The difference is only, that here the  "Beauty" is a detective, and of course their lives meet at some points... I haven't discovered anything suprising in it, but somehow I always come into these supernatural things. :)

What is your favorite series? Am I the only one, who loves mysteries so much? : D

Have a nice day everyone!
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